Our Group

Who we are

In 1907 Robert Baden Powell (later Lord Baden Powell) took a group of boys of all backgrounds to Brownsea Island in Dorset for an experimental camp.  The camp was a great success so Baden Powell devoted the rest of his life to maximising children’s potential emotionally, educationally and spiritually.  Baden Powell began publishing a periodical called “Scouting for Boys” and within weeks Scout groups were being set up all over the country.  The Scout Association was formed by Royal Charter and is now the largest youth organisation in the world with 31 million members covering 216 countries.

The 21st Purley (St. Barnabas) Scout Group was formed in 1946 and is affiliated to The Scout Association; we meet in the B-P HQ at St. Barnabas Church, Higher Drive, Purley.  While we are a Church sponsored Group, we welcome members of all religions and none. We work closely with the Guiding UK Sections (Rainbows, Brownies, Guides) with whom we share our B-P HQ, though they are a completely separate organisation but with the same ideals. Our B-P HQ was built by the St. Barnabas Scout & Guide Parents Association in 1955 and we now share it with other Church Activities and Lettings. We also own a mini-bus for use by each section.  We serve the Purley and Kenley areas.  Many of our Beavers and Cubs attend Hayes School, Beaumont School, Reedham Park School or New Valley School but not exclusively.  Our Scouts attend a wide range of secondary schools.

What we do

Although Scouting has changed considerably over the years, including opening the doors to girls as well as boys, the general principals of Scouting remain the same. We are an entirely voluntary organisation devoted to giving children and young people from all backgrounds the opportunity to maximise their potential.  We offer children and young people, through a structured and balance programme of activities, the chance to take part in activities they would have little chance of ever doing outside, such as (depending on the age range of the section of course) camping, canoeing, outdoor cooking, map reading, climbing, first aid training, orienteering, hiking – to name but a few.  For Beavers, of course, the range of activities is more limited and the focus is very much on arts, crafts and games.  This is our commitment to parents and your children. Because of this, we do expect a level of commitment in return both from the children and to some extent the parents.


We are a voluntary organisation and entirely dependent on subs and fund raising for our finance. Our subscription rates are £39 per term or a discount rate of £105 per annum (school year). We don’t ask for subs immediately; once you are sure you want to continue we will contact you.


There is a uniform appropriate to each section. We will advise where and what to purchase. Beavers and Cubs uniforms cost a little over £10 and a scout uniform is a bit more than that. We can provide “used” uniforms for a donation subject to stock.